Affirming & Acknowledging

Monday, October 20, 2014

It was optimistic of me to expect to have 60 minutes solo for a peaceful and uninterrupted bath and yoga practice one Saturday morning recently. I really should have left the house and gone to the 8am Kundalini yoga class as planned. Standing in the tree pose with my hands at heart centre and my eyes open, my six year old  danced around like a loon determined to be noticed. I was determined to carry on but couldn’t close my eyes to ignore her else I’d have toppled over.  Instead I decided to acknowledge her by way of smile; she immediately stopped and left me to it. This month I’m... 

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Photo credit where due, it's not mine.

Are you using your smartphone too much?

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Photo credit where due, it’s not mine. I have been thinking about my phone. A lot. Too much. I’ve been thinking and touching it so much that before our family holiday I’m seeking to get things back in proportion. In this post I’m sharing possible solutions to my imbalance because I know many other bright, capable people are thinking too much about theirs too. Come to think of it, it’s not the phone element of the phone is it? It’s the apps. It’s the software that’s hard to give up. Real world research by Misra et al in 2014 demonstrates ‘connectedness’ between two people... 

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Flexible Perfectionism

Monday, July 28, 2014

‘Flexible perfectionism’ is a phrase a coachee used last week to describe how she intends to approach stepping into a promotion with ten direct reports whilst continuing to realise one of her top strengths; pride. I wonder if you too are a flexible perfectionist or would like to be? That’s what I’m exploring in this post and my thinking is informed by a paper I read earlier this year, Coaching individuals with perfectionistic tendencies: When high standards help and hinder (Corrie & Palmer, 2014).   What is perfectionism? Perfectionism is understood by psychologists... 

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Managing different styles at work

Saturday, July 12, 2014

What a fabulous picture – no name to be able to credit. New to line management? Been doing it a while and not getting the best out of some of the people in your team? I produced these tips for getting the best out of different styles as part of a leader’s toolkit for a well-known brand. Whilst I’ve offered the tips as a dichotomy, we all know that line management isn’t that black and white and people fall on a spectrum and may move up and down it depending on the context. I post them in the hope there is some value for you. Introverts & Extroverts Introverts 1) Value... 

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Mums Returning to Work


Maternity Comeback Coaching

talentkeeping_sharper resolution

Maternity comeback coaching is about getting ready to return to your career and helping you make as smooth a transition back to your pre-leave performance as possible. The majority of coachees I work with in this guise are sponsored by their organisation and I work with them through The Talent Keeper Specialists. Have a look at the Career Returner page on and if you’d like to make a business case to your employer, please e-mail Read More


Women Starting Businesses

Coaching Fledgling Business Women

Women Starting Own Business

Going freelance and starting a business can be like a love affair – passionate, exciting and all-consuming. After the buzzy honeymoon period of the first 3-6 months where you’ve been experimenting with marketing tactics and enjoying the general thrill of being your own boss it’s not uncommon to feel a bit flat, unsure or overwhelmed. [...]


Stepping Up Your Career

Coaching for Career Clarity

Women Advancing Their Careers

Hankering after a career shift upwards, sideways or just anywhere other than where you are right now…but feeling desperately immobile? I coach women through the swirl of career ideas dancing round their heads and accelerate their shift up the ladder or into something satisfyingly new. Confidence grows, focus is found and the resolve to succeed [...]


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