Managing different styles at work

Saturday, July 12, 2014

What a fabulous picture – no name to be able to credit. New to line management? Been doing it a while and not getting the best out of some of the people in your team? I produced these tips for getting the best out of different styles as part of a leader’s toolkit for a well-known brand. Whilst I’ve offered the tips as a dichotomy, we all know that line management isn’t that black and white and people fall on a spectrum and may move up and down it depending on the context. I post them in the hope there is some value for you. Introverts & Extroverts Introverts 1) Value... 

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Flourishing at work? Free tool

Friday, June 27, 2014

How safe do you feel at work? A trio of happenings has prompted me to ask, one of which was a thoughtful chap (who looked disconcertingly like Derren Brown) thanking me for creating a ‘very safe learning environment’ last week. Although we were 16 storeys up in a room with floor to ceiling glass overlooking the City, he was of course talking about psychological safety. I’d enabled him to talk out ideas among peers.   Six flourishing feelings at work Feeling secure is a key part of a productive professional life and my coaching colleague, Jen Rolfe, founder of Practically... 

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Mothers Work x3 tile

My mothers & guilt piece for the Guardian

Friday, May 30, 2014

** First published on www.theguardian.com on Thursday 29th May 2014 ** I’m fed up with the mothers and guilt rhetoric. This week, Emma Bridgewater, the pottery designer, admitted at the Hay Literary Festival that she struggled with guilt while building up her business and raising her family. She said she felt guilty about her family when she was at work, and guilty about work when she was with her family. I’m no stranger to mothers and guilt, in fact I wrote a book on it but what continues to surprise me is how afraid we are to talk about it. However, by not raising the topic either... 

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Are you too grateful?

Monday, April 21, 2014

Do you ever gush with gratitude towards clients, colleagues, friends or family? Or inwardly feel so thankful for what you have that you tell yourself you’d be mad to rock the boat? I’ve pedalled the psychology of gratitude on several occasions over the last five years (it’s an important factor in subjective measures of happiness and wellbeing) but in this column I’m asking you to consider in which settings you might be overdoing it. 60% of my coachees are women returning to work post career break. As part of the two comeback coaching programmes I run with sponsored coachees (whose... 

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Mums Returning to Work


Maternity Comeback Coaching

talentkeeping_sharper resolution

Maternity comeback coaching is about getting ready to return to your career and helping you make as smooth a transition back to your pre-leave performance as possible. The majority of coachees I work with in this guise are sponsored by their organisation and I work with them through The Talent Keeper Specialists. Have a look at the Career Returner page on www.talentkeepers.co.uk and if you’d like to make a business case to your employer, please e-mail hello@talentkeepers.co.uk... Read More


Women Starting Businesses

Coaching Fledgling Business Women

Women Starting Own Business

Going freelance and starting a business can be like a love affair – passionate, exciting and all-consuming. After the buzzy honeymoon period of the first 3-6 months where you’ve been experimenting with marketing tactics and enjoying the general thrill of being your own boss it’s not uncommon to feel a bit flat, unsure or overwhelmed. [...]


Stepping Up Your Career

Coaching for Career Clarity

Women Advancing Their Careers

Hankering after a career shift upwards, sideways or just anywhere other than where you are right now…but feeling desperately immobile? I coach women through the swirl of career ideas dancing round their heads and accelerate their shift up the ladder or into something satisfyingly new. Confidence grows, focus is found and the resolve to succeed [...]


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